Cherry blossom Raspberry Cheesecake | No bake | Make Delicious Raspberry Cheesecake.

Hi, Cherry blossoms are in full bloom these days. It’s really romantic. This cake is Raspberry Cheesecake. I put cherry blossom jelly inside the cake. Transparent flowers float in the sliced ​​cake. When the light on it, it shines brightly. Make sure to watch till the end of the video and make delicious Raspberry Cheesecake.


♥︎ Green Tea Cracker Base

60g Crackers

10g sugar

2g green tea powder

20g melted butter

20g melted white chocolate

♥︎ Cherry Blossom Jelly

200g water

200g sugar

30g lemon juice

20g gelatin + 120g water (or 140g gelatin mass)

* Gelatin mass is pre-soaked gelatin, melted and hardened.

It is convenient to use because you can cut it as much as you need (measure 6 times the required amount of gelatin) each time.

You can see the recipe below and the method is at the end of the video.


1. Make green tea cracker base, grind crackers finely, add melted butter and white chocolate, melted it in the microwave and the plate was hot. Should be careful. A 6cm high mousse film is wrapped around a rectangular mousse ring. Push down on buttom.

2. Make cherry blossom-shaped jelly, it is better to make it a day in advance. This is a gelatin mass that has been hardened by soaking gelatin in water. You make a large amount of it at once and use whenever you need it without soaking process, cool to 60 degrees and add gelatin, put two layers of wrap on the bottom of the 18cm diameter mousse ring. Filter out any pulp that may be in the lemon juice. Harden in the refrigerator for 4 hours to overnight.

3. Make raspberry puree, simmer until the raspberries are mushy, about 3-4 minutes. Sift the raspberry puree through a fine sieve and filter the seeds. If the puree has cooled down, reheat it to about 60 degrees and add gelatin to melt it. Set aside.

4. Next, make the cheese cream, melt the gelatin in the microwave. When the gelatin is about 30℃, take a small amount of cream and mix well. Put it back and mix, whip the heavy cream. It is good that the cream is volumed. Mix in whipped cream, last, add lemon juice.

5. Take 1/3 of the cream, 1/3 of the cream again. In one bowl, mix 24g of raspberry puree. In another bowl, mix 12g of raspberry puree. Pipe the dark colored raspberry cream in the mousse mold, the cream is not thin here. So there may be some unfilled areas, fill thoroughly pressing with a spatula.

6. Make the surface rough. Put it in the refrigerator for a while, cut out large flowers. Cut out small flowers. First, attach the small flower jelly to each other and line them up side by side. Cover with a thin layer of raspberry puree. I used about 40g of puree, cover with light colored raspberry cream.It makes the surface rough, pipe the last remaining white cream. Place large flower jellies in a row. Harden in the freezer.

7. Mix insoluble deco white sugar and raspberry powder and sprinkle over the top while sifting. The green tea cracker base goes really well with the raspberry cheesecake. When making raspberry cheesecake, be sure to add green tea to crackers. This cake is really awesome.

8. Pour 5-6 times the amount of water into the powdered gelatin and soak it. The same for leaf gelatin. When completely cooled, cover with a lid and refrigerate. Cut into pieces and store in an airtight container for 2 weeks in the refrigerator. No need to soak in water, put directly into warm (60℃) Ingredients.