Strawberry Cake | Strawberry Cake ( Swiss Meringue Buttercream ) Perfect Recipe

I made a Swiss meringue buttercream cake with strawberries in it pretty when cut. It looks simple on the outside, but I think it’s a uniquely shaped cake by putting strawberries inside the sheet. I need 4 sheets, so I increased the amount of cake batter a little bit, but the recipe is written below, so you can refer to it. I used a small size strawberry, and 4 of them fit in a row in the middle. To make it pretty, I think it would be better to cut the strawberries at the same height and put them in. To keep the shape of the cake well, I like to use a cream that is harder than fresh cream, so I used buttercream. The Swiss meringue buttercream I made this time is really delicious because it doesn’t feel greasy at all if you whip enough.


– Cake Sheet :

(Mold size : 15cm / 1.5cm thick 4 sliced sheet)

170g Cold egg

100g Sugar

3g Vanilla extract

28g Cold unsalted butter

28g Cold milk

94g Cake flour

140g Egg white

200g Sugar

1g Salt

370g Unsalted butter

5g Vanilla extract

Sugar syrup


60g White chocolate for coating

50g Heavy cream

Food coloring (red, white)


1. Mix the egg whites with sugar and salt, then place them on a pot of boiling water and raise the temperature to about 65-70 degrees in a hot water bath.

2. Lower the ball and whip it to make meringue. Since the meringue is hot, put it on top of a bowl of ice and whip it.

3. When the temperature of the meringue reaches 25 degrees, add room temperature soft butter little by little and whip enough to make a soft cream.

4. Add vanilla extract and whip at low speed to complete the cream.

5. Prepare the two middle pieces of the cake sheet by cutting the middle with a 12cm ring.

6. Place a cake sheet on a rotating plate, sprinkle with sugar syrup, and apply cream flat. Place a cut cake sheet on top and squeeze the cream on the rim.

7. Put another cut cake sheet on top, squeeze the cream inside, and press the strawberry into the bowl.

8. Fill the cream between the strawberries, put the cream on the top to flatten it, put the cake sheet on top, sprinkle with sugar syrup, and then spread the cream thinly and harden it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

9. Put all the remaining cream on top, icing neatly, and harden in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

10. Add whipped cream to the white chocolate for coating, heat in the microwave for about 25 seconds, mix well, add red and white pigments, and create the desired color.

11. When it cools down to 24 degrees, pour it over the cake, let it flow naturally with spetula, and decorate with strawberries.