Chocolate Sandwich | This Sponge Chocolate Cake Is Really Delicious | Soft and Moist Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

Even if the front side of the cake is the outside, it is neat and pretty. My first chocolate sandwich, moist and not too sweet. Chocolate Sandwich gives me great happiness today.


4 eggs

40g cake flour

12g cocoa powder

40g cooking oil

45g milk

65g sugar

A little lemon juice (optional)

Whipping cream 120g

20g condensed milk (12g sugar if not)


1. 4 eggs, separate the whites and yolks. Store egg whites in the refrigerator until use, 45g milk, 40g cooking oil, mix it up, 40g cake flour, 12g cocoa powder. Put it on a sieve once, mix, 4 yolks. Mix well as well.

2. 4 cold whites, a little lemon juice (optional), make meringue. When some bubbles rise, 65g sugar, add 65g of sugar in 3 portions. To finish, whip on medium-low speed for 1 minute.

3. About one ladle, put it in the chocolate batter, mix well. Pour the chocolate batter into the meringue. Mix the meringue from the bottom up, meticulously mixed.

4. Square pan 25 x 25cm, shake to level. Strike down to release air bubbles, 150℃ (300℉) 40 minutes. Remove the baked cake from the pan immediately..

5. Immediately remove the side paper and allow it to cool.120g whipping cream, 20g condensed milk, make it cream. It cooled down well. Now remove the rest of the paper, cut it in half on the front or back of the cake, apply cream.

6. Cover the cream with the other cake, wrapped in wrap. Refrigerate 1 hour. Cut the side. Cut into sandwich shapes.