Quick And Easy Snack | How To Make Fried Custard Pudding | Favorite Snacks To Make

Today is the day to fry custard pudding.You can’t help but wonder how it tastes.The nutty taste of butter, the sweet and chewy taste of the custard go well together. Luxury dessert feeling.


300ml milk

30g corn starch (every starch has a different texture, but can be substituted with other starches)

1 egg yolk

1 slice of cheese (optional)

1 piece of butter (about 12g)

3 tbsp sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

4~5 drops of vanilla extract (optional)


1. Put down 1 egg yolk first.Next to the yolk 3 tablespoons sugar, add 1/2 teaspoon salt. Give the yolk a sweet and salty taste. Mix until sugar and salt are yellowed.

2. If the yolk turned sticky, add [30g of cornstarch], 4 to 5 drops of vanilla extract (can be omitted). Milk 300ml to relieve thirst. Now stir the ingredients until they dissolve in the milk. It is important to mix until there is no clump of starch.

3. Let’s turn on the gas now, set to low heat as much as possible and stir. About a minute later, when the milk got warm, 1 cheddar sliced cheese added (can be omitted). Melt the cheese and stir naturally. If you keep stirring it over low heat, it suddenly turns like oatmeal. Continue stirring to increase viscosity throughout, it was visually confirmed that the viscosity increased,and when bubbles rise, turn off the heat.

4. Cool it down a bit and put it in a heat-resistant container. Under flattening construction. Hit to the floor to make it pretty without air bubbles. Cool in refrigerator for 2 hours. Settle down gently Cut into bite-size pieces.

5. All you have to do now is frying. Place [1 piece of butter] in a pan. Melt in a pan, rolling wide. Place the custard pudding on the place where the butter has passed. They look like cheese. Fry for 3 minutes back and forth over medium heat. The longer they are fried, the more delicious they are . It tastes better when they are cool. Fried custard pudding appears.