Chocolate With Milk | The Best Snack(4 ingredients) | Simple Way Of Making Chocolate With Milk

Homemade chocolate that can be easily made at home with easy ingredients without condensed milk and mix. It is also good for a gift as it contains sincerity.


Milk 600ml

Sugar 160g or 170g

Butter 15g

Vanilla extract 5 – 6 drops (Optional)

Cocoa powder 100g ( + -30g )

a little more for sprinkling


1. Milk 600ml. I need condensed milk, so I’m going to make it first.Sugar 160-170g. If you want sweet chocolate, I recommend 170g of sugar.

2. Turn on the gas, stir and melt the sugar. Make sure the sugar particles are gone by dissolving them thoroughly. Gradually boil over medium low heat. If the sugar’s all melted, butter 15g, vanilla essence 5-6 drops. Vanilla essence is optional, but it’s really good if you put it in.) Mix the ingredients well. Stir frequently to prevent sticking until it starts to boil.

※ When the edges start to boil, turn down the heat and be careful not . Go back and forth between medium and low heat like pushing and pulling.

3. We need the aesthetics of waiting until it’s yellow and thick. The boiling speed slowed noticeably and the color began to change.Turn off the gas.

4. Making condensed milk was a huge success, put condensed milk in a bowl. Lay sieve on, first, sieve [100g of cocoa powder]. Sieving makes softness to be up. Now mix them well. When you mix, it gets darker and starts to form a mass.

5. Now, add [30g of cocoa powder], mix them again, it’s kind of hard to mix because it’s too dry. But try your best to make perfect chocolate. Mix all without powder to complete sweet chocolate. A plate for chocolate, put a wrap on top. Put chocolate on top.Tap to flatten. Now wrap it up and store it in the freezer for about 40 minutes to make it cold.

6. After 40 minutes, place an appropriate amount of cocoa powder before transferring the chocolate. Cool, sweet chocolate, into the cocoa powder. Sprinkle cocoa powder for topping. Cut it into bite-sized pieces. It’s good to eat chocolate that looks good.