Monte Cristo Sandwich | Ham Cheese Toast Recipe

I made a thick fried sandwich with ham and cheese.
The outside is crispy and the sweet strawberry jam makes the sandwich moist.
I think it tastes better if you add butter at the end to add butter flavor ^^

– About 2 pieces about 2ea

[Material Ingredients]

6 slices of bread

Strawberry Jam

8 slices of cheese

8 slices of ham

3 eggs

bread crumbs

cooking oil, butter

6 slices of Bread

Strawberry jam

8 sliced Cheese

8 sliced Ham

3 Eggs

Bread crumbs

Cooking Oil, Butter

[Creating Process]

1. Cut the edges of the bread. (1 set of 3 slices)
2. Spread strawberry jam thinly on one side of the bread and put sliced cheddar cheese on top.
3. Put ham on the sandwich and top with cheddar cheese.
4. Spread strawberry jam on the other slice of bread and cover it with the side covered with strawberry jam.
5. Spread strawberry jam on a slice of bread, add cheddar cheese, ham, and cheddar cheese.
6. Apply strawberry jam on the bread and cover it.
7. Grease a frying pan and heat it over low heat.
8. Coat the bread evenly with egg and bread crumbs, and place it on a frying pan to bake evenly.
9. When it’s almost done baking, add butter to add flavor.