The BEST Egg Pudding Recipe | Super Rich! So Delicious! Custard Pudding | Homemade Dessert

It melts in my mouth and has a pleasant sweetness. This pudding will change your mood.


80g sugar

20g water

25g warm water

4 eggs

360g milk

40g heavy cream

95g sugar

1. Whipped cream can be replaced with milk, but adding whipped cream makes the pudding much softer and richer.

2. When mixing with a whisk, it does not overwhip like whipping.


1. 80g sugar, 20g water. Medium heat, do not stir. If it turns brown, turn off the gas.

2. 25g warm water. Caramel may splash at this time, so it is safe to wear gloves. Place in heat-resistant glass before hardening, cool it down.

3. 4 eggs. Beat the eggs with a whisk. At this time, mix roughly without mixing as if whipping, 95g sugar, mix it, 360g milk, 40g heavy cream (or milk). When bubbles start to form on the edge of the pot, turn off the gas. Add the eggs little by little while mixing, sieve it (required).

4. Strain through a sieve and place on top of the caramel sauce. Place a cloth or kitchen towel on a pan larger than the glass container, add hot water. Make a lid out of foil, 150°C (300°F) 50 minutes, cool at room temperature.

5. Wrap and place in the refrigerator for 6 hours to overnight, next day. Slightly separate the edges of the pudding with a knife.