Making Black Sesame Rolls | Black Sesame Roll Cake Roll Cake

Today I prepared sweet black sesame pillow cake with black sesame paste, salty and fleshy. The taste is salty and sweet, so it is suitable as a gift for parents or for making cakes on special occasions. It’s simple, so please do it.


Wet glutinous rice flour 350g

wet glutinous rice flour

Black sesame



400g red bean paste

70g cream cheese

peanut butter

130g fresh cream

black sesame powder

injeolmi bột powder


1. Put wet rice flour, wet glutinous rice flour and black sesame in a mixing bowl.

2. Add water and water

3. When the water cycle is complete, add sugar and mix

4. Put the mousse cake mold into the steamer, put 150g of rice flour in, steam 15 minutes on the fire from number 9.

5. Put the rice paper on the parchment paper cut to fit the pounding mold and then put it in the pounding mold to shape.

6. After mixing the remaining ingredients, put them in the ice cream bag and put the filling inside the rice cakes.

7. Place in the freezer to harden while the other rice cakes are steamed.

8. When the bottom of the cake is finished, cover the cake and put it in the freezer to harden before cutting it out.