No Bake Frozen Cheese Lemon Cake | Lemon Cheesecake


Lotus seed biscuits 100g

Butter 40g

Cheese powder

Cream cheese 200g

Fresh cream 200g

Milk 90g

Sand sugar 90g

Lemon juice lime juice 40g

lemon peel about 1.5 lemons

Fish Membrane Gelatine 3.5 pieces


1. Cover the bottom of the mousse with food wrap

2. Let the cream cheese soften at room temperature

3. Squeeze lemon to get juice


1. Make cookie crumbs with a rolling pin

2. Butter melted in water

3. Pour the crushed biscuits into the butter solution, stir well, pour into the mousse mold, spread evenly with a rubber spatula, compact, put in the refrigerator’s fresh compartment, set aside.

4. Beat cream lightly with a whisk until about 5 or 6 minutes apart, return to the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and set aside.

5. Pour the lemon zest into the sugar and rub it with your fingers so that the lemon zest gets absorbed into the sugar

6. Cream cheese and lemon sugar beat with a whisk until smooth and sugar is dissolved

7. Add lemon juice, continue beating until fully combined

8. Add whipped cream, mix well

9. Heat milk to body temperature

10. Soak gelatin slices in water at room temperature to soften (use cold water in summer)

11. Remove the soaked fish gelatin, drain the water, put it in warm milk, stir until the fish gelatin is completely dissolved

12. Add isinglass solution to cheese mixture, stir well and smooth.

13. Pour the finished cake batter into the mousse mold, flatten the surface with a rubber scraper, cover it with plastic wrap, and place it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours for the dough to harden completely.

14. Take out the cake, cover the mousse mold with a hot towel, wait a few minutes for the outside of the cake to melt, then lift the mousse mold (if not, you can reheat the towel and repeat the above operation). steps above once or twice)

15. Finally add lemon slices, thyme and some lemon zest for garnish