Chocolate Financiers recipe|Delicious Chocolate Financiers


Egg white 100g

Salt 0.5g

Granulated sugar 60g

Honey 15g

Vanilla paste 1g

Cake flour 45g

Almond powder 45g

Unsalted Butter 95g

White Chocolate 50g


1. Add salt, sugar, honey and vanilla powder to the egg white and stir gently to cut off the white tissue and make a smooth state.

2. Take the pastry flour and almond flour, add the egg whites and stir well.

3. Make butter caramel, heat medium-low heat, cook until butter turns light brown, then turn off the heat, set aside.

4. Place butter that has been cooled to 50-60°C/122°F-140°F into the flour in a sieve and stir well.

5. Squeeze the dough into the mold, you can apply a layer of butter to the mold to prevent sticking. Bake, then invert and cool.

6. Squeeze the molten chocolate onto the cake, the chocolate will solidify and be ready to serve.