Make Chocolate Cake Without Flour | Rich Chocolate Cake Without Flour

I made a thick and moist chocolate cake. I made it in a simple way without adding flour, but it is very easy to do and the picture looks different. It is not baked in a double boiler, it is baked for a short time at a high temperature, and when it cools down, it will naturally sink into a nice shape, and when you cut it with a hot knife, the middle will melt. out and become real. soft. When you take a bite and put it in your mouth, it melts and leaves a moist taste in your mouth. It’s a cake that would be great for dessert when guests come over.


Dark Chocolate 160g

70 g unsalted butter

50g fresh cream

50g sugar

1g salt

140g eggs


1. Place a bowl of dark chocolate on top of a pot of hot water, melt unsalted butter, then add sugar, salt, and fresh cream, mix well.

2. Divide eggs, mix well, strain through a sieve, pour into molds, bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes, let cool at room temperature, put in fridge.