Make Mini Condensed Milk Biscuits | Cookie Recipe

I made cute and cute little condensed milk cookies. It’s great to be able to make this so quickly and easily because you can knead the dough without resting, cut and bake right away. I have a square stick, so I roll it to 1.5cm thick and then bake it, but you can change the shape and thickness as you like. If the shape and thickness change, the baking time in the oven will also change, so check the condition of the cookies and adjust them. The biscuits are hard and do not break easily, so they are suitable for storing in bottles. The delicious taste of condensed milk is so delicate that it can be eaten one by one without feeling sick.


70 g unsalted butter

30g sugar

1g salt

80g condensed milk

2g vanilla extract

190g soft flour

20g cornstarch


1. Soften unsalted butter, add sugar and salt, mix well, then add non-cold condensed milk and vanilla extract and mix well.

2. Flour and cornstarch sifted finely, mixed well, rounded, rolled 1.5cm thin.

3. Cut into squares, place on baking tray and bake in preheated oven at 160 degrees for about 12 minutes.