Making Mango Tart | Mango Tart Recipe

I made a better mango pie by generously adding raw mango. I pureed it and applied it on top of the almond cream, mixed with the cream a little, and then covered the mango on top. I think the lime juice added when making the mango puree adds freshness and creates a more refreshing feel. I coated it thin so it’s crispy for a long time and it’s delicious to eat without being too dry. I think it will be delicious even if I replace the fruit with another fruit.


All-purpose flour 120g

20g almond powder

80 g cold unsalted butter

30g cold water

1g salt

40 g unsalted butter

25g powdered sugar

35g eggs

2g vanilla extract

40g almond powder

7g tapioca flour

150g mango

30g sugar

5g lemon juice

120g cream cheese

15g sugar

60g fresh cream

35g mango puree

20g mango puree



1. Mix all-purpose flour and almond flour, add cold unsalted butter, mix with your hands until the butter is combined with the flour into a small ball.

2. After mixing salt with cold water, put it into the dough, roll it up, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for about 1 hour.

3. Put the mashed mango and sugar in a pot and cook while stirring over low heat, until it is a bit thick, add the lemon juice and it’s done, transfer to another bowl, cover with cling film, and let cool.

4. Lightly beat unsalted butter, add powdered sugar, mix well, then add eggs and vanilla extract and mix well.

5. Add almond flour and soft flour, mix well, let stand for a while at room temperature.

6. Smooth out the tart dough, put it in the mold, shape it, cut a hole in the bottom, put in the almond cream, flatten it, bake it in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 40 minutes and then let it cool.

7. Put the sugar in the whipped cold cream, when the ice cream starts to foam, add the cold cream cheese and pureed mango and mix well to make the ice cream.

8. Put the mango puree (20g) on the cooled cake, cover with cream and put in the refrigerator.

9. Cut the mango into squares, add the mango puree and place it on the tart.