Roll Cake Recipe | Chocolate Crepes

I made a chocolate crepe topped with glitter glaze! I smeared chocolate buttercream on the chocolate crepe and rolled it back to the hard part. If you use buttercream when making crepe rolls, it seems much more stable because it keeps its shape well after continuing.
I melted the chocolate into the ice cream, the taste is much better and the texture is softer so it goes well. The layer of men poured on top does not completely freeze even when cooled, so it feels moist for a long time, so when eating with the cake, it doesn’t make any difference.


2 eggs

25 grams of rice


3g vanilla extract

95g soft flour

7g cocoa powder

240g milk

35 g melted unsalted butter

100 g unsalted butter

50g powdered sugar

5g high flour

50 g melted dark chocolate

20g fresh cream

70g water

50g fresh cream

15g starch syrup

80 grams of rice

30g cocoa powder

5g gelatin


1. Beat eggs, add sugar, salt, vanilla to the mixture, heat the flour and cocoa powder, add 50g of milk to the mixture.

2. Structure the remaining milk and melted unsalted butter, filter through the barrier, cover with actual plastic wrap and leave in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

3. Put the steam on a small flame, pour in the flour, spread it out, when there is foam, boil it again and then let it cool.

4. Lightly beat unsalted butter, beat in powdered sugar until white, then add cocoa powder and beat lightly for about 5 minutes.

5. Pour the dark chocolate mixture into the mixture, add the whipped cream and beat until smooth.

6. Place the crepes on top of each other, skim off the cream, roll them up and let them harden in the fridge for about 3 hours.

7. Put water, fresh cream, starch syrup, sugar, cocoa powder in a pot, boil until slightly thickened, add soaked gelatin, mix well, leave mixture 34.

8. Finish by transferring the glaze over the already hardened crepe.