Red Velvet Strawberry Roll Cake Recipe | It’s Delicious

I made a red velvet strawberry roll cake by pouring red yeast. I put in sliced raw strawberries, the scent of strawberries in the ice cream is very refreshing. Ice cream is made by mixing cream cheese and whipped cream to create firmness so it is easy to roll and keeps its shape well after hardening. Red velvet cake is very easy to make with red yeast rice flour, doesn’t need coloring, it also has a nice color but it’s hard to buy, so I use coloring, but I think the color only becomes beautiful when you adjust the amount and add enough. The top is finished in glass, giving it a luxurious feel when it shines brightly. Even when cooled, Glasage does not harden and is slightly moist so it is difficult to hold, but delicious because it mixes well with the cake.


4 egg yolks

25g sugar

1g salt

4g vanilla extract

50g milk

30 g vegetable oil

70g soft flour

2g baking powder

5g cocoa powder

4 egg whites

65g sugar

100g fresh cream

25g sugar

200g cream cheese


130g sugar

60g water

150g starch syrup

20g dark chocolate

100g white chocolate

60g fresh cream

8g gelatin

red white food coloring


1. Add sugar, salt, vanilla extract to egg yolk, mix well, add milk and vegetable oil, mix well, sift flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, mix well, add red food coloring and mix well to color creation.

2. When whisking egg whites to large bubbles, divide the sugar into 2 or 3 times and beat until soft horny meringues. Add a small amount to  and mix well.

3. Pour the mixed flour into the meringue, mix well, pour into the mold, press flat, put in the preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes and then let it cool.

4. Put the sugar in the cold cream and whip until foamy, then add the cold cream cheese and beat to form a cream.

5. Cut off the edge of the cooled paper (one short side cut diagonally) and make a notch at the top of the roll.

6. Put the cream on the spread sheet, add the strawberries cut at the beginning, cover with cream, roll up, put in the freezer for about 1 hour to harden.

7. Put water, sugar, starch syrup in a pot and boil at 103 degrees Celsius. Add dark chocolate, white chocolate, fresh cream and soaked gelatin, mix well, add red and white food coloring to create color.

8. Strain through a sieve, let it cool down to 34 degrees, pour it over the rolls and you’re done.