Green Tea | Basque Cheesecake Recipe

I made a green tea Basque cheesecake that was baked at high heat and tasted delicious. Basque cheesecake is baked golden on the outside and moist on the inside, so the cheese flavor is delicious and the texture is soft. If you leave it in the fridge overnight, the cheese will taste a lot stronger. I baked it in an oval oven pan, but that’s the amount that can be baked in a 15cm round pan. Basic cheesecake is good, but I think eating a cake with a hint of green tea flavor will change the mood.

♥ Ingredient

Cream Cheese 380g

120g sugar

4g cornstarch

Green Tea Powder 10g

3 eggs

8g lemon juice

200g fresh cream

♥ Recipe

1. Gently mix cream cheese at room temperature, add sugar and mix well.

2. Add cornstarch and green tea powder to mix well, divide eggs into mix well.

3. Add lemon juice and mix well, add fresh cream, mix well, filter through a sieve and pour into the baking mold.

4. Bake in 220 degree oven for 20 to 23 minutes (Preheat 230 degrees)

5. After cooling to room temperature, leave overnight in the refrigerator.