Making Cotton Candy Pastel Cake | Cotton Candy Recipe Looks So Cute

I made a pastel whipped cream cake covered with fluffy cotton candy like a cloud. After mixing the 3 colors, baking the genoise, coating it with white icing, and decorating it with a gradient with 3 colors, I think it goes well with cozy cotton candy. I cut both the top and bottom of the cake pan and used it to make about 3, but I think it would be nicer to increase the quantity a bit and bake it to about 4. The whipped cream will appear smooth if you beat it a little thinner. Cotton candy melts faster than I thought, so it’s okay to give more. I think it’s a lovely cake because it’s light in color.

♥ Ingredient

190g eggs

130g sugar

13g honey

2g vanilla extract

33g unsalted butter

53g milk

120g soft flour

Food coloring red, purple, green, white

Fresh cream 250g fresh cream + 25g sugar

Sugar syrup

♥ Recipe

1. Put an egg in a pot of hot water, add sugar, honey and vanilla and stir until it reaches 40 degrees.

2. Use an electric mixer to beat until thick ivory foam, sift in flour and mix well.

3. Put some flour in a bowl with melted butter and unsalted milk at 50-60 degrees, mix well, add in the main dough, mix well and put in the oven preheated at 180 degrees. in about 35 minutes.

4. After cooling, cut off the top and bottom, cut into 3 pieces, put in a 15cm mold to prepare.

5. Place a sheet of paper on a spinning cutting board, drizzle with sugar syrup, spread whipped cream, and place another sheet of paper. Repeat 1 more time.

6. Spread cream on top and sides, spread different colored whipped cream on the sides of the cake, and finish with cotton candy on top.