How To Make Blueberry Lemon Cake | Harmonious Combination Of Sweetness

I made a cream cake with a combination of blueberries and honey lemon. I pureed blueberries, put them on the sheets, and layer lemon curd on top of whipped cream, so refreshing and fragrant. And the taste is sweet and soft. It is really delicious. After taking a bite, the sound that came out of my mouth came out on its own. Although I like both lemon and blueberry, I really like the combination of the two. Lemon curd needs to be heated just enough to avoid the fishy egg taste and taste described as metallic. I whipped cream and added lemon and blueberries for a natural garnish, but many cakes are made this way. I think it’s a simple but rich and cute cake.

♥ Ingredient

4 chicken eggs

100 g sugar

3g vanilla extract

30g unsalted butter

40g milk

110g soft flour

2 egg yolks

40g sugar

0.5g salt

6g cornstarch

60g lemon juice

3 g lemon zest

40g milk

20 g unsalted butter

100g blueberries

20g sugar

3g lemon juice

350g fresh cream

35g sugar

♥ Recipe

1. Put an egg in a pot of hot water, add sugar and vanilla extract, mix well and increase the temperature to about 40 degrees.

2. Remove the bowl from the pot and place the bowl with the butter and unsalted milk on top to melt.

3. Beat the egg mixture to a smooth and thick foam, sift in the flour and mix well, then add some cake flour to the melted unsalted butter mixture and mix well.

4. Put the mixture into the dough, mix well, pour the dough into an 18cm mold, bake in the preheated oven at 165 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes, cool, cut the top and bottom, cut into 3 pieces.

5. Add sugar and salt to egg yolks, mix well, add cornstarch and mix well, then add lemon juice, lemon zest and milk and mix well.

6. Stir over low heat and bring to a boil until thickened, then add unsalted butter, mix well, place on a sieve and cover with cling film to cool.

7. Put blueberries in a blender, puree, put in a pot, add sugar, boil over low heat, cook until thickened, add lemon juice, mix well, let cool and put in refrigerator.

8. Add the sugar to the cold whipped cream and beat until frothy.

9. Place a sheet of paper on a cutting board, spread blueberry puree, whipped cream, and lemon curd.

10. After stacking several times, coat the entire cake with whipped cream and finish by attaching sliced lemons and blueberries on top and sides.