Turkish Dessert | Delicious Coconut Roll Cake With Every Bite

I made a Turkish dessert flavored with coconut and vanilla. I think it’s also called Sultan Lokum, but to put it simply, I think it’s a coconut milk roll. This is a delightful dessert made by boiling starch in milk and thickening it, then placing it on top of coconut flour to flatten and roll. It doesn’t feel like jelly, nor does it feel quite as soft as ice cream, it’s soft and melts, so it’s a different sensation. I think the milk cream should be thinner than expected so that when rolled out, it will be beautiful and not spread for too long.

♥ Ingredient

Mold size: 37.5cm x 25.4cm

70g coconut flour

50g cornstarch

80g sugar

450g milk

5g vanilla powder

35g unsalted butter

70g cold cream

7g sugar

♥ Recipe

1. Spread the coconut flour evenly on the tray and set aside.

2. Put about 100g of cornstarch, sugar and milk in a pot, add eggplant and mix well when eggplant is no longer lumpy.

3. After adding the vanilla bean powder and mix well, add the remaining 400g of milk and mix well.

4. Cook while stirring constantly over medium heat, when the mixture begins to thicken, reduce the heat to low and cook while stirring for about 3 to 4 minutes.

5. Turn off the stove, add the butter, mix well, pour into the tray while still hot, spread flat.

6. Cover the top with food wrap to prevent air from entering, put in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to harden.

7. Put sugar in fresh cream, beat hard and spread on custard’s face.

8. Use a knife to cut and roll to complete.