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This recipe is one pound of sour cream. Sour cream is often needed when baking. If you want to buy sour cream at the supermarket, the smallest capacity is 450g. Even if you use it for something like cheesecake, it will last a long time. The shelf life is only 2 weeks, so it’s difficult to throw away leftover sour cream. So add as much sour cream as possible. The shape, taste and texture are great. I made a recipe for sour cream. In the meantime, I’ve made quite a few popular sour cream pie recipes in the United States. In terms of formula, my formula is round, beautiful, and has the best texture. If you have leftover sour cream, don’t be fooled and give it a try.

♥ Ingredient

60g unsalted butter

85g sugar

1g salt

60g eggs

100g soft flour

3g baking powder

90g sour cream

3g vanilla extract

♥ Recipe

1. Lightly liquid butter at room temperature.

2. Add sugar and salt and beat until light color and volume increased about 1.5 times.

3. Divide eggs and vanilla extract at room temperature several times while whisking so that the dough is well emulsified like cream without separating. If you try to separate it from the lump, add some measured flour and whisk, the dough will absorb moisture and separate.

4. Add the sifted flour and baking powder, and gently mix with a spatula.

5. Add sour cream at room temperature and mix.

6. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 40 minutes. Baking time and temperature may vary depending on the performance of the oven. To check if it’s cooked, look at the crack in the middle and take it out when it’s dry to the touch.

7. When the cake is still hot, take it out of the mold and let it cool on the grille. When it’s completely cooled, wrap it in plastic wrap or put it in a resealable and resealable bag and let it sit for about a day so it’s more moist overall and you can enjoy more.

8. Can be stored for about 5 days in a cool place after sealing. If you want to keep it longer, cut it into pieces, wrap it separately and put it in the fridge.