The Best Cheesecake Made With Simple Ingredients | No Fresh Cream Sour Cream

Here’s a recipe I made at the New York Baking School I’m currently attending. I make 4 cheesecakes a day and taste them little by little. I remember being surprised that this recipe with the fewest ingredients tasted the best. It’s a cake that will taste better if you eat it in the fridge for a few days instead of the day it was made. It is best to freeze it and take it out one by one. Hard to find and hard to handle once purchased I think it’s better because it doesn’t contain sour cream or whipped cream.

♥ Ingredient

Diameter 15cm


Whole wheat biscuits 60g

25g unsalted butter

5g sugar

1. Mash whole wheat bread and mix well with sugar.

2. Mix well with melted butter and press into the floor.

3. Put it in the freezer for a while while making the cheesecake dough.

♥ Cheesecake dough

385g cream cheese

90 g sugar

82g eggs

4g lemon juice

3g vanilla extract

♥ Recipe

1. Dissolve soft cream cheese at room temperature without clumping.

2. Add sugar and mix well while pressing with a spatula until sugar dissolves.

3. Add eggs at room temperature and mix.

4. Add lemon juice and vanilla extract and mix.

5. Pour the finished dough onto the hard floor.

6. Bake for 50 minutes at 150 degrees in a double boiler. Preheat the oven sufficiently. You can bake at about 160 degrees in a regular home oven, not a convection oven. After the cheesecake has hardened in the mold for more than 6 hours in the refrigerator, remove it from the mold.

7. When using the all-in-one mold instead of the removable mold, freeze it in the refrigerator and separate it so that the top doesn’t tear when flipping. Storage: Can be kept in the refrigerator for about 5 days by tightly closing the box and locking it. If you want to keep it longer, put it in the freezer.