Make Strawberry Milk Cake | Everyone’s Favorite Ake

♥ Ingredient

Diameter 15cm

Genoise public law

130g eggs

20g yolk

91g white sugar

10g honey

88g soft flour

11g corn flour

20g unsalted butter

30g milk

♥ Recipe

1. Beat eggs and yolks with a whisk.

2. Add sugar syrup and starch and heat to 37-42 degrees Celsius over hot water.

3. When adding the warmed egg yolks, beat with a hand mixer on high speed until spots remain for about 3 seconds.

4. Remove air bubbles on the lowest speed of the hand mixer until the dough is smooth.

5. Add the sifted flour and cornstarch, and gently mix with a spatula to prevent foaming.

6. Add the milk and butter that has been warmed to 4 to 60 degrees and mix gently.

7. After pan-frying like dropping into a round pan lined with parchment, bake for 30 minutes at 170 degrees using the top and bottom heating function. Each oven has a different temperature, so you need to adjust the temperature and time separately when checking the cooking status.

8. Put the baked cake into the mold to release the steam, then place it on the griddle to cool. Once cooled, seal in a plastic bag and incubate at room temperature for half a day before using.

♥ Syrup

30g water

15g sugar

5g Kirsch

1. Heat the water and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved.

2. Once cooled, add the kirsch and mix.

♥ Strawberry jelly

57g strawberry puree

18g mashed raspberries

25g sugar

1.5g pectin

1.5g sheet gelatin

3g Strawberry Liqueur

Soak gelatin in ice water for at least 10 minutes first.

1. Heat the mixture of strawberry puree and raspberry puree to 4-50 degrees.

2. Mix sugar and pectin, add 1 and mix quickly

3. Turn the heat back on and cook until fully boiling in the middle.

4. When the temperature drops below 85 degrees, let the soaked gelatin dissolve, add strawberry liqueur and mix well.

5. Pour into mousse ring mold and freeze for at least 2 hours to completely freeze.

♥ Insert ice cream

200g fresh cream

25g condensed milk

1. Add condensed milk to whipped cream and whisk over ice.

2. Edit with genoise, strawberry jelly and sliced strawberries.

♥ Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream

40g Valrhona Inspiring Strawberries

40g fresh cream

Gelatin leaves 0.5g

160g fresh cream

Soak gelatin in ice water for at least 10 minutes first.

1. Heat the fresh cream until it evaporates about 70 degrees

2. Add Valrhona Inspiration Strawberry to 1 and wait 2 minutes for complete dissolution.

3. Stir slowly in the middle with a spatula to form a ganache.

4. Melt the soaked gelatin.

5. Divide the whipped cream into 2 parts and mix well.

6. After leaving in the refrigerator for more than 6 hours, whip and chill the outside of the cake.

7. Pour the remaining cream on top and garnish with glazed strawberries and herbs. Storage: Eat after making and keep in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours to taste better. Since it contains raw strawberries, it should be eaten within two days of making. Store in an airtight container so the cream doesn’t dry out as much as possible.