Tips For Making Beautiful Cakes | Choco Marble Pound Cake With Attractive Wiswell

We are presenting delicious recipes that even beginners can make without error. This baking dish is a moist and delicious chocolate marble pastry. Usually, when making marbles, the two powders are mixed and then combed. I made marbles today with a slightly different feel I see on foreign Instagram accounts. Almond powder is added to the powder to make it soft and fluffy. The chocolate flavor is balanced and delicious.

♥ Ingredient

90g unsalted butter

72 grams

10g starch syrup

1 gram of salt

85g soft flour

30g almond powder

3g night

Milk 20g

Shadow cover 35g

Milk 17g

♥ Recipe

1. Heat the dark coating and milk B and then merge them to form ganache. To let bottom 30 degrees for to when used.

2. Butter lightly at room temperature.

3. Add the sugar, starch syrup and salt and beat until light in color and about 1.5 times larger in volume. Starch has a lower sugar content than cane sugar and has a strong moisturizing ability, so it helps the cake to retain moisture for a long time.

4. Divide and add the eggs at room temperature several times while beating so that the dough does not separate and emulsifies as well as cream.

5. Add the abraded flour, almond meal, and pea flour to the lightly floured mixture.

6. Add milk to room temperature and mix until smooth.

7. After taking 130g of the finished dough, add the mixed ganache and mix to form a chocolate dough.

8. Put the regular flour and chocolate powder in the ice cream bag, respectively.

9. Put the dough in a zigzag shape into the existing mold, use a bud to make an indent in the middle, put butter at room temperature in the middle to let it sit for a long time.

10. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 40 minutes. Oven time and temperature may vary depending on the performance of the oven. To check if it’s cooked, look at the crack in the middle and take it out when it’s dry.

11. After lightly tossing the cooked cake, remove from the mold and shade on the cooling grid. When it’s completely dormant, wrap it in a really good wrapper for a few sedges to develop a distance you can feel. Can be stored for a period of 5 days in a cool place after sealing. If you want to keep it longer, cut it into pieces, wrap it separately and put it in the fridge.