Make Mont Blanc Chestnut Shortcake | Looks So Empting

I make Genoise coffee with a mild flavor that is not too strong. It is delicious because it is an ingredient that goes well with coffee and chestnuts. Use chocolate genoise instead of coffee. It still tastes good even if you make it with regular genoise. Use it to your liking and create it.

♥ Ingredient

Round frame diameter 15cm

Genoise Coffee

100g eggs

30 g yolk

75g white sugar

62g tapioca flour

10g cornstarch

20g unsalted butter

15g milk

2g coffee powder

♥ Recipe

1. Beat both the egg and the yolk, then add the sugar and mix well.

2. Heat egg water to 37-42 degrees by boiling over hot water.

3. Beat vigorously until warm egg drops remain for more than 3 seconds.

4. Densely arrange the air bubbles at the lowest speed of the hand mixer.

5. Add the sifted flour and mix gently with a spatula so that the air bubbles do not disappear.

6. Add milk + butter + coffee powder heated to 4-60 degrees and mix as gently as possible so that the air bubbles do not disappear.

7. Bake in preheated oven at 165℃ 329℉ for 30 minutes

8. When the cake cools, prepare the cake by cutting it into three slices 1.5 cm thick.

♥ Syrup

30g water

15g sugar

3g golden rum

1. Mix sugar with water and bring to a boil once.

2. When cooled, add golden rum and mix well.

♥ Ice cream Chanti

330g fresh cream

23g sugar

1. Add sugar to cold whipped cream and beat thoroughly with ice.

2. Take 170g and use it as a polish, the rest as a cream. Keep the cream in the fridge while sanding it, then whip it again just before use to adjust the consistency.

♥ Night cream

150g paste

60g unsalted butter

5g Golden Rum

1. Press the chestnut dough at room temperature with a spatula and loosen. If you’re using a homemade moisturizer, be sure to strain it through a fine sieve before using it. If the beads are even a little thick, they will get caught in the Montblanc case and the pipe will not work properly!

2. Add room-temperature softened butter to the hazelnut mixture and mix with a hand mixer.

3. Add rum and mix. Depending on the consistency of the mixture, the consistency of the cream may vary. If it’s too thick, the cream won’t rise evenly, so adjust the amount of rum or add milk or water to adjust the consistency.