How To Make Red Velvet Cake | Do Not Use Coloring

I used red yeast rice flour instead of red flour to give it a nice red color. I think it tastes better because you can feel the characteristic soft and light texture of rice flour cake. The yellow-pigmented red velvet cake I made a few years ago was biased because it was dull and tasteless. This time, I created various versions of Red Velvet to make the recipe and test it. Honestly, I ate it better than red velvet with only pigment.

♥ Ingredient

Red velvet cake

Butter 113g

Canola oil 45g

120g sugar

Salt 1g

Eggs 67g

Soft flour 147g

Red yeast rice 29g

Cocoa powder 10g

Baking soda 4g

Baking powder 4g

Buttermilk 121g

♥ Recipe

1. Add vinegar to warm milk and leave at room temperature until used.

2. Beat the butter until soft at room temperature with a hand mixer, add sugar + salt, beat until light in color and about 1.5 times heavier.

3. Divide the canola oil little by little and add it while whisking to blend well.

4. Continue whisking while adding the non-cold room temperature eggs 5 to 6 times.

5. Sift the ingredients of flour, soft wheat flour, red yeast rice flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder.

6. Put the dough into a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 45 to 50 minutes. My oven has a high heat, so if you set it to the same temperature as your oven, it may be weak.

7. Remove the finished cake plate from the mold and let it cool on the grille. When completely cooled, cut the three into 1.5 cm thick slices. It is a light and smooth fabric that is easy to tear. Be careful when cutting or moving.

Cream cheese coating

330g cream cheese

54g powdered sugar

210g fresh cream

8g lemon juice

♥ Recipe

1. Place room-temperature cream cheese in a bowl and spread it evenly with a spatula so that it doesn’t clump.

2. Add powdered sugar and mix well with a spatula.

3. Add 1/2 of the cold whipped cream first and mix gently with a hand mixer on low speed until well blended.

4. Add the rest of the whipped cream and beat vigorously until there is still a whiff of whipped cream.

5. Add lemon juice and use a spatula to mix well, put everything in the ice cream bag.

6. Polish the cream between the plates and finish by applying the cream on the outside.