Moist But Soft | Making Taiwanese Castella

This time it’s the Taiwanese castella that was very popular in the past. Castella is often difficult to get the texture you want. It’s also hard to make it look good. In particular, this Taiwanese castella is low in sugar and low in flour. There are many variables because of the amount of moisture and the large amount of eggs. So the result of several failed attempts when using two eggs at the same time.


♥ Ingredient

5 eggs 250g

Half cup of milk 90 g

1/3 cup cooking oil 50 g

Less than 1 cup soft dough 80g

1/3 teaspoon salt 1g

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3g

2/3 cup sugar 100 g

Storage method

It tastes better if you ferment it at room temperature for a day.

If you can’t eat it within 2 days, be sure to refrigerate or freeze!

Refrigeration – 3-5 days

Frozen storage – 1-2 weeks

♥ Recipe

1. The beaten egg whites do not rise or become too thin. This can happen if the whites are wet or greasy, or if the whipping speed is unstable and takes a long time or stops midway.

2. Egg whites are completely separated. Taiwan Castella has less sugar than eggs, so even if you sniff a lot, it will easily separate the water quickly, please pay attention to the state of whipping and whipping.

3. It’s okay not to take a double bath. If it doesn’t work twice, it’s okay, but it may be less moist, the top part is cracked, or the lower part is burnt.

4. Castella is getting smaller and smaller. Usually baked under fire or over fire, due to the nature of Taiwanese cakes with a lot of moisture, if baked too little, the cake will shrink when taken out to cool and less moisture inside is lost if baked too little. . baked for too long, moisture is lost and shrinks, once removed, tap the floor lightly, then immediately detach and peel off the foil.

5. The upper part is cracked and broken. In this case, the causes are very diverse and it is difficult to find the exact cause of the failure, usually 1. If the temperature is too high, there is a high probability of explosion 3. If you use an oven with a convection function, it is very likely to explode. The body will explode Because of the convection function, the top of the castella is heated first. It ripens and the inside ripens later and explodes.

6. The castella was too dry and chewy. If the water does not evaporate because it is not ripe enough, then after taking it out, it will shrink and stick as much as it has settled.