How To Make Chocolate Bread | Delicious In Every Bite And Soft


Mold 21㎝×8㎝ : 17㎝×8㎝

Bread Flour

175g strong powder

40g Flour

30g Sugar

4g salt

4g Dry Yeast

120ml Water

25g butter

Raw chocolate

50g Black chocolate

25ml milk

♥ Recipe

1. Put 6g dry yeast in warm water and dissolve. Adding granulated sugar from a part of the above has the effect of promoting the movement of yeast.

2. Mix flour, soft flour, granulated sugar and salt in a bowl, add the above, when the mixture is smooth, add butter. It feels lumpy at first but it’s a bit difficult as the whole dough gradually becomes firm and shiny, but kneads very well.

3. Put the kneaded dough in a bowl and leave it in the fridge overnight for the dough to ferment. Fermented dough expands 1.5 to 2 times. The next day, deflate the fermented dough 1.5 to 2 times.

4. Sprinkle with flour vigorously and stretch into a rectangle. The less flour, the less flour will enter the dough, so you should note that you should spread as little as possible.

5. If the dough is difficult to stretch during the making process, do not use stretching force, but let it cool in the refrigerator to inhibit gluten and then stretch, the dough will stretch beautifully.

6. Use a brush to wipe away the remaining dough on the surface of the stretched dough, spread ganache on the dough. If you cover the whole fabric with ganache, it will be difficult to mold, so leave the frame outside.

7. Divide the rolled dough in half lengthwise, shape it in the shape of a dough ball, and then leave it to ferment a second time. When using the fermentation function of the oven, the recommended temperature is 30°C. Wrap it in a large plastic bag and wait until the dough has risen about twice.

8. Depending on the time of year, when fermenting at room temperature, if the temperature is too low, the activity of yeast will slow down and it will take a long time. If you want to bake quickly, please use the oven’s fermentation function as it works from about 30℃.

9. Bake the fermented dough in the preheated oven. It’s even better if you add nuts or chocolate chips as you like when baking.