Making Potato Dumplings | Potato Cake ecipe

I make potato sticky rice and dango cake. I added potatoes, and it seemed softer than just glutinous rice. If eaten with cream cheese it will be softer and if sprinkled with cocoa powder, it will blend in with the cream and be delicious.

♥ Ingredient

170 g boiled potatoes

90g hot water

30g sugar

3g salt

200g dry glutinous rice flour

80g cream cheese

Condensed milk 50g

100g fresh cream

♥ Recipe

1. Prepare boiled potatoes by straining them.

2. Add sugar and salt to hot water and mix well.

3. Put the sifted potatoes into the dry glutinous rice flour and mix well.

4. Put hot water in a bowl, mix well.

5. Divide by 20g.

6. Make it round.

7. Add boiling water and cook for about 10 minutes. Stir in the middle.

8. Put in cold water to cool.

9. Get out of the water.

10. Thread 4 on skewers.

11. Add condensed milk to cream cheese and mix well.

12. Add fresh cream and mix well. Cream cheese, condensed milk, and fresh cream are all at room temperature.