Castella Spinach Sandwich | More Delicious Than You Imagine

Winter morning glory is soft and very tasty. So I made a cake with seasonal water spinach. Some people may not like to say water spinach on the cake, but water spinach does not have a strong aroma and the leaves are soft, so it goes well with soft cakes. The aroma of spinach is barely felt in the finished cake, leaving only moisture instead. I used regular spinach with large leaves, but it works great using seomcho. The color is green and so pretty, so let’s finish it.

♥ Ingredients

For 1/2 bread mold

Cake powder

90 g of spinach leaves

40g milk

320g eggs about 6 special eggs

150g sugar

50g grape seed oil

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

120g soft flour

Butter cream

100 g butter

Condensed milk 55g

♥ Recipe

1. Prepare 90g of spinach by cutting only the leaves except the stem. Wash the spinach leaves and cut them into quarters. Spinach should be used after completely removing the water.

2. Puree 20g spinach and 40g milk. Add 150g of sugar to 320g of eggs, about 6 eggs, and mix well. Place a bowl of eggs over the hot water about 100 degrees, heat to about 40 degrees in a double boiler and melt the sugar

3. If you don’t have a thermometer, stick your finger inside the egg until it feels warm and warm. Heat the spinach liquid, 50 g of grapeseed oil and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract on a double boiler. Beat warm eggs to make meringues.

4. After beating at high speed until light ivory, finish the meringue by beating on low speed. When you drop the meringue, the mark will stay there for more than 3 seconds. Sift 120g of pastry flour into the sieve.

5. Mix the flour into the meringue. If you repeat the mixing process by scooping up the dough from the bottom and spreading it evenly, the meringue will be less crushed and mix well without lumps. Add about two tablespoons of powder to the warmed liquid and mix well.

6. Add it back to the main dough and mix well. The cake batter mixes with the liquid and sinks to the bottom, so you have to scrape the bottom to mix. Add the remaining 70g of spinach leaves to the dough in two parts and mix well.

7. Line the mold with foil and pour in the cake batter. Mold size: 39cm wide, 29cm long, 4.5cm high. Spread the dough out flat. Pull the mold to remove the inner air shell.

8. Bake in oven preheated to 170 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove the foil from the cupcakes and let cool. I will make ice cream. Add 55g of condensed milk to 100g of softened butter at room temperature.

9. Beat at the highest speed possible to get enough air into the butter.
Butter, almost yellow, turns almost white when mixed with air. It’s so soft and light

10. Cut the cooled cake into exactly 3 equal pieces. Place half of the cream on one side of the sheet and spread it flat. Place a sheet on top of it.

11. Place the remaining half of the icing on top of the cake and flatten it out. Cover with the last cake plate. Wrap in foil and cotton cloth to prevent the butter from drying out, then place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours to harden. Trim all the edges to make it neat.

12. Cut the cake into any size you want. The blue cake looks fresh. You can hardly smell the spinach from the cake.
Instead, it’s much more moist than regular cake sheets so it feels softer.

13. Store in the refrigerator and set at room temperature 20 minutes before serving to soften the butter before serving.