Matcha Cheesecake | Goes Well With Strawberries

The whipped cream and strawberries on top go well together.


♥ Ingredient

200g cream cheese

90g plain yogurt

60g granulated sugar

4g green tea powder

2 eggs

100ml thick cream

8g cornstarch

12 strawberries

70ml thick cream

7g granulated sugar

♥ Recipe

1. Put cream cheese at room temperature in a bowl and mix it into cream, add plain yogurt and mix well.

2. Mix granulated sugar and matcha well, add to part 1 and mix well.

3. Beat the eggs well and then add 2 times, then add fresh cream and cornstarch, mix well each time.

4. Put the tin foil into a muffin pan that can take 6 pieces, pour 3 in, add hot water to the baking tray. The rest of the dough will be put into another cup.

5. Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for 20-22 minutes, cool in a cake cooler, cover and refrigerate. Put granulated sugar into the fresh cream, use a whisk to beat the top of the cake, put the strawberries on top.