Making Chocolate Banana Cake | Cute Banana Cake

It’s sweet and soft so it’s delicious. There were a lot of questions about mini cakes, so this time I prepared them the size of a lunch box cake. From how to make chocolate genoise, harder than basic genoise, without fail. Sweet chocolate ice cream and chocolate ganache drips are included in detail.


Small size

55 g eggs

35g sugar

5g honey

30g soft flour

5g cocoa powder

5g butter

5g milk

♥  Siro

10g water

8g sugar

Chocolate ice cream

Shadow Coverage 35g

25g milk

120g fresh cream

15g sugar

Drip Ganache

Dark Coverage 15g

15g fresh cream

♥ Recipe

1. Crack eggs into a bowl, add sugar and honey and mix well.

2. Heat in a double boiler and whisk on low speed. Raise the temperature to 38 degrees.

3. Remove from hot water and whip on high speed until ribbon marks appear.

4. Remove air bubbles at low speed.

5. Sift in the soft flour and cocoa powder and mix quickly until the flour is no longer visible.

6. Put some flour in butter and milk at 40-60 degrees and mix well.

7. Pour the entire batter into the pan and shake to remove air bubbles.

8. Preheat 10 minutes at 160 degrees / Bake 20 minutes at 165 degrees

9. Jerk and reverse to cool.

10. Stamped and matured in one day.

♥ Chocolate ice-cream

1. Microwave Heat milk and melt couverture dark chocolate in hot water.

2. Divide chocolate and milk into 3 times, mix well and adjust the temperature to 24 degrees.

3. Add sugar to heavy cream and beat until it feels like yogurt.

4. Add ganache to heavy cream and mix at the same time.

5. Take 90g of ice cream and put it in the fridge.

6. For whipped cream, beat vigorously to 90% and for cold cream, beat lightly to 80%.

♥ Drip Ganache

1. Place the chocolate and heavy cream in a bowl and heat in the microwave for 20 seconds.

2. Cool to 32 degrees and pour into the cake.