Banana Chocolate Tart | An Incredible Combination

Maybe the recent winter weather has made me crave chocolate desserts. So I made a chocolate banana cake with a banana filling, one of chocolate’s best friends. Praline is a paste made with caramelized hazelnuts. I mix it with chocolate, because I don’t like eating chocolate alone. I ended up with a taste that was super familiar, I would say Nutella was richer.


Cake diameter 20.5cm

• Wrapper

120g cake flour, 20g almond flour, 50g powdered sugar

1g salt

1 egg yolk

67g unsalted butter

• Almond ice cream

30g almond flour

30g egg

30g sugar

5g cake powder

5g praline

• Chestnut ganache

150g double cream A

75g milk chocolate

75g dark chocolate

30g praline

• Chocolate Chantilly Ice Cream

100g praline ganache

200g double cream BEAUTY

5~6 bananas or as many as you like

200g double cream C

20g sugar

Some cocoa powder or chopped chocolate

♥ Recipe

1. Place all tart shell ingredients except eggs in a food processor and mix.

2. Once the mixture has solidified, add the eggs and continue mixing.

3. Cover the finished tart shell dough in cling film or a plastic bag and chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

4. Take out the dough and roll it to 3mm thin.

5. Line the dough into the tart pan and form the edges.

6. In a mixing bowl, beat butter until soft, at room temperature.

7. Add sugar, eggs, almond flour and pastry flour in the above order and mix well.After adding the eggs, use a spatula to mix well to avoid air  bubbles. Sift the almond flour and pastry flour before mixing to avoid lumps.

8. Add praline to this mixture and mix well. (*optional)

9. Put the pistachio filling in the ice cream bag and line the bottom of the shell

10. Bake in preheated oven at 170°C for 25 minutes.

11. Remove from oven and let cool completely.

12. In a small saucepan, heat double cream A to about 90°C, before bringing to a boil.

13. Turn off the heat and mix the dark chocolate and milk.

14. Finally, mix in the praline.

15. When the finished ganache has cooled to about 40°C, pour and fill the tarts.

16. Place large pieces of banana on top of the ganache.

17. In another bowl, beat double cream B to about 50% firmness. Ganache will harden the cream, so only beat to about 50% done.

18. Add and mix well 100g ganache, let cool to body temperature.

19. Make the finished chocolate ice cream in the shape of a dome.

20. In a bowl, beat double cream C and sugar to stiff peaks.

21. Cover the chocolate dome with whipped cream so you don’t see the chocolate anymore.

22. Finish with chopped chocolate.