Hazelnut Muffin | Delicious Even When Separating Butter And Eggs

Oday’s recipe is for coffee muffins with lots of nutty astringent. Eggs split big, probably because it’s not hot enough. No worries if they separate! I have explained how to recover.

♥ Ingredient

♥ For 6 sponge cakes

100 g unsalted butter

90 g sugar

2 eggs

200g baking powder

20 g ground almonds

70 g milk

instant coffee 4g

5g baking powder

16 Chestnuts (as many as you like)

♥ Recipe

1. Leave the unsalted butter at room temperature and mix with a whisk until soft. Add sugar and mix thoroughly.

2. Crack the whole egg and divide it into 3 parts.

3. Dissolve instant coffee into milk. Cut chestnuts into cubes.

4. Add almond pudding and 1 to 2 tablespoons in 200g of unsifted flour and mix with a whisk for 2 minutes.

5. Add half of the coffee with milk and mix well.

6. Sift half of the flour mixture and add to the mixture.

7. Add all remaining milk coffee and mix well.

8. Sift in the remaining flour and baking powder. Add the chestnut pods and mix until the flour mixture disappears.

9. Line a muffin tin with tin foil and bake in a preheated oven at 170℃ for 25 to 30 minutes.
Remove the muffins from the oven after checking with a bamboo skewer to make sure the middle is cooked through.

♥ Note

1. Mix butter and sugar together. Use powdered sugar for a more moist texture. You can use any type of sugar (granulated sugar, white sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, etc.).

2. After separating the butter and eggs, add the flour and mix for 2 to 3 minutes until smooth. You don’t need to sprinkle the added flour at this point because you want to test the mixture.