If You Have Potato, Must Try! | Pizza Inside Potato!! Fist Potato Pizza | NO Flour!

The inside is filled with soft and delicious things!. It is the perfect size to grab with a hand. There is no flour. It tastes more delicious and healthier. Try to make this fist potato pizza at home. You will be surprised how delicious and easy to eat it is.

Ingredient :

5 small potatoes



Mozzarella Cheese

Tomato Sauce

Salt, pepper and parsley

Recipe :

1. 5 Small potato guys, cut the belly. Cut the bottom of the higher part and make it flat. No Moving. Perfectly stable!. Making slits can reduce the cooking time.

2. Pour water to cover 1/3 of the potatoes. Add 1/2 TBSP of salt. You can steam the potatoes to cook. I will use the microwave. Cook it in the microwave for 15-17 min (Adjust the time).

3. Prepare the onion while cooking the potatoes, chop 1/4 of onion (50g), 100g of Bacon. Poke the potatoes to check if it is cooked well. Potato is still hot so I wear cotton gloves and cooking gloves. Dig the potatoes, draw the outlines with the knife. It makes it easier.

4. Fill the hole with the potatoes. 2/3 tsp of Salt, pepper, bacon and onion, 120g Tomato Sauce. Apply the tomato sauce inside the potato bowl. The mixture of potato, bacon and onion, press the middle to make the space for cheese. 160g Mozzarella cheese. You can mix cheese with potatoes instead putting it separately. Cover the cheese with the potato mixture. Be flat, apply tomato sauce. Put the mozzarella cheese.

5. Put them on the parchment paper. 12.5 min in the oven pre-heated to 210Β°C/410℉ (Adjust time). Move them to the plate and sprinkle with the parsley! Yummy fist-sized potato pizza is done!.