Blueberry Oreo Crepe Cheesecake | The Color Combination of Blue and Oreo is Unique and Pretty.

I made Blueberry Oreo Crepe Cheesecake with blueberry cheesecake added on top of Oreo Crepe Cake. The taste combination of blueberry and Oreo is good, and the color combination of blue and Oreo is unique and pretty.

– Mold size : 15cm

[ Ingredients]


3 Eggs

30g Sugar

3g Vanilla extract

150g Cake flour

10g Black cocoa powder

20g Oreo powder

400g Milk

50g Melted unsalted butter


125g Heavy cream

25g Sugar

150g Cream cheese

15g Oreo powder


4g Gelatin + 20g Water

150g Cream cheese

25g Sugar

50g Blueberry puree

Blue food coloring

150g Heavy cream

[ Recipe]

Crepe dough

1. Add sugar and vanilla extract to eggs and mix.

2. Sift flour and black cocoa powder, add crushed Oreo and a little milk and mix.

3. Add the rest of the milk, mix evenly, add the melted butter, mix and strain through a sieve.

4. Cover with plastic wrap and rest in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

5. Pan the crepe over low heat in a 16cm frying pan and cool it.

6. Cut the crepe with a 15cm mold, cut one sheet into 3cm circles, and cut into semicircles.

Cream Cheese Oreo Cream

7. Add sugar to fresh cream and whip about 50%, then add cold cream cheese and whip.

8. Add Oreo powder, mix with a spatula, and prepare in a piping bag.

9. Stack the crepes and cream in order (use 9 crepes), attach the half-circle crepe to the inside of the mold, and put it in the refrigerator.

* Put a mousse strip or Teflon sheet inside the frame and make it