Tiramisu Cake | Making a Tiramisu Cake Transformed into Your Home Easy ❄️

I made a tiramisu cake decorated in the shape of a house with lady fingers attached. I iced the coffee sheet with mascarpone cream and squeezed it on the outside with various pods to decorate it, and it turned out to be a snowy white house. It’s a bit difficult to work with the sheet upright, but it feels different. It’s good to stand up, but it can topple over, so I think it would be nice to make it lying down like making a cake. When I make tiramisu, lady finger cookies are always hidden inside.

– Mold size : 20cm

[ Ingredients]

-Cake sheet

5 Eggs

130g Sugar

5g Vanilla extract

40g Unsalted butter

45g Milk

5g Instant coffee powder

145g Cake flour

-Coffee syrup

40g Warm water

5g Sugar

2g Instant coffee powder


300g Cold mascarpone cheese

375g Cold heavy cream

70g Sugar

Ladyfinger cookies


(Cake sheet)

1. Put a ball of eggs on top of a pot of boiled water and add sugar and vanilla extract.

2. Continue stirring until the temperature reaches 40 degrees.

3. Lower the bowl from the pot, place the bowl containing the butter and milk, and add the instant coffee powder.

4. Whisk the egg wash until it becomes a fine and fine foam.

5. Divide the flour in two and mix, then mix the butter, milk and coffee well.

6. Take a little bit of dough in a bowl with butter and mix it evenly, then add it all to the main dough and mix.

7. Pour into an oven pan, bake at 175 degrees for 35 minutes, cool, cut into house shapes, slice into 2 pieces, and cut the lower part once more.

(coffee syrup)
8. Add sugar and instant coffee powder to warm water, mix and place in the refrigerator.

9. Add a little (about 100g) fresh cream to the mascarpone cheese and mix at low speed until the cheese is soft.
10. Add all the rest of the fresh cream, add sugar, and whip to make hard cream.
(It is good to whip all in a cold state and whip with an ice ball)

11. Squeeze the cream on the cake sheet and stick it up to make a house shape, and spread the cream on the outside as well.
12. Attach the cut lady pinker cookies below and use the pods (No. 7, No. 352, Little Star pods) to squeeze the shape.
13. Attach lady finger cookies to the top and apply coffee syrup with a brush.