Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls | With Homemade Roll Wrapper For Weight Loss and Health

✤ Ingredients

165g all-purpose flour

50g hot water

50g cold water

2g salt

140g lotus root (weight peeled)

80 g carrots (weight peeled)

1 bell pepper

2 mushrooms

1 tbsp soy sauce


1 tsp vinegar (optional)



✤ Recipe

1. 165g all-purpose flour, 2g salt, mix well, split in half, 50g hot water. First, mix the hot water part well, 50g cold water. Mix well with cold water.

2. Knead the dough with your hands until it is soft (8 minutes). Now stretch the dough, divide into 10. Grease an empty bowl with cooking oil. Divide the dough into 10 pieces and make a circle one by one.

3. Put it in a bowl with cooking oil, cooking oil again, spread evenly over the dough. Cover with cling film and leave for 30 minutes.

4. Already after 30 minutes, do oil massage. Then gently spread it with the palm of your hand. Dip one side in flour, stack one by one. The top sheet is not dusted with flour. Stretch the dough evenly by hand. Gently stretch the outside of the circle and lengthen it, cooking oil on the cutting board. I will spread it out by gently pressing it with a, rolling pin, slowly without force.

5. A slightly crooked circle is okay (about 23cm in diameter), rolling around. Place on a baking paper, put it in the steamer. Steam in boiling water for 8 minutes. I’ll use a plate to cut the edges (Important), the slightly separated part, separate carefully, this time here. The made roll wrapper must be placed in a ziplock bag to keep it moist. This roll warpper will turn into a crispy roll wrapper.

6. 140g lotus root (weight peeled), sliced ​​thinly, cut long. 10 minutes in cold water, 80g carrots (weight peeled), vitamin A, 1 bell pepper vitamin C, 2 shiitake mushrooms. Fiber is also important, onion. Cut the vegetables and keep them ready.

7. Cooking oil, add chopped vegetables except onion, fry, 1 tbsp soy sauce, a little salt, when it’s almost cooked, 1 tsp vinegar. Crispy fried while retaining the flavor, let’s roll it, first vegetables, raw onion. Also add lettuce, roll it. Fold both sides well.

8. On a hot pan, put the folded part down. Roast both sides over medium low heat. Crispy vegetable roll. Full of vegetables! eat and be healthy. Crispy vegetable roll. The taste that makes me think about quitting meat for the rest of my life.