Double Long, Giant Fried Potatoes | Cheese Seasoned Potatoes More Delicious

I made potato sticks that are longer than regular potatoes. It’s long, so it’s fun to eat and fun to look at. And sprinkled with cheese seasoning makes it even more delicious.

[2~3 servings]

✤ Ingredients

450g Potato (2 medium size)

60g (6Tbsp) Cornstarch (potato starch available)

3g (1tsp) Salt

30g Water

✤ Toppings

Cheese seasoning (optional)


– You can fry it first, and bake it in an oven or air fryer at low temperature for the second time.
(Oil is drained out, and it becomes more crispy)

– From the first step, the oven or air fryer does not make it crispy.

✤ Recipe

1. 450g Potatoes, cut into small pieces. 30ml Water, cook in the microwave for about 10 minutes (you can also boil it in water). 3g (1tsp) Salt, mash the potatoes finely

2. 60g (6Tbsp) Cornstarch. If you mix it with starch and form a lump. Cover top and bottom with plastic wrap. 1cm thick, the edges are then cut, cut into long rods

3. Now put it in preheated oil and fry it (medium heat). When the potatoes are light brown, take them out. After cooling for a while, the crispiness disappears.

4. Fry again quickly over medium heat. Moisture is gone and it’s getting crisper When it starts to turn brown, take it out. Cheese seasoning. Sprinkle with cheese seasoning to your liking, it tastes great. Shake evenly to mix. Double-Long Fried Potatoes for Double Satisfaction.