Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies | Crunchy Outside, Soft & Chewy Inside


155g cake flour

1 egg

1g salt

100g room temperature unsalted butter

45g white sugar

45g brown sugar

2g baking powder

2g baking soda

150g dark chocolate (Chocolate chips also available)

80g walnuts


1. 150g dark chocolate, roughly chop it. You can also use chocolate chips at this time, 80g walnuts. I’ll cut it to the right size. 1 egg, 1g salt, please release, 155g cake flour, 2g baking powder, 2g baking soda. Mix well.

2. 100g room temperature unsalted butter. I will soften the butter. 45g white sugar, 45g brown sugar. Do not melt sugar. Mix to feel the particles, eggs. Divide into three portions and mix, mixed powders, sieve it. Now, as if cutting with a knife, draw 11 characters and mix. At this point, mix lightly and briefly.

3. A little bit of white flour is just right, dark chocolate, walnut. I mix it a couple of times. Cover with wrap or lid, 1 hour refrigerator

4. An hour has already passed. Divide the dough into 6 pieces (about 90g each). After lightly touching the shape, put it on the oven pan180°C (350°F) 15 minutes. Cookies that come out right away break easily, leave it as it is. After 15 minutes, transfer to a cooling rack to cool, cookies I made.