Oreo Swiss Roll 2 Ingredient | Without Oven | The Ingredients Are Very Simple Anyone Can Make.

Hello everyone, this time I will make Oreo Swiss Roll, the easiest Oreo cake is only 2 ingredients without cooking it, this cake is very soft and delicious, the ingredients are very simple anyone can make.


1 packet Oreo / 14 cookies

3 tablespoons liquid milk

1 teaspoon liquid milk (for cream mixture)


1. 1 pack of oreos / 14 pieces, separate the cream from the biscuits, put the oreos in the plastic, crush until smooth.

2. 3 tablespoons milk, stir until evenly. Knead until the dough is solid, 1 teaspoon liquid milk. Mix well.

3. Add oreo dough, flatten until smooth, apply cream, roll slowly. Store in the freezer for 1 hour.