Famous in Korea, White Roll Bread Recipe | Fluffy & Soft Castella Cream Bread | Now You Can Make It At Home

It’s delicious even with just cream on the soft bread. It is even more delicious because it has a moist and soft castella powder on the outside. If you are too lazy to make custard cream, you can make it using only fresh cream. You don’t have to go to a bread restaurant on purpose, now you can make it at home..

[ Ingredients]

[4 24cm]

✤ Dough

200g Bread flour

80g warm milk

54g, 1 Room temperature egg

4g (1.5tsp) Instant dry yeast

30g (3Tbsp) Sugar

3g (1tsp) Salt

30g Room temperature unsalted butter

✤ Cream

200g Heavy cream

15g (1.5Tbsp) Sugar

120g Custard Cream

30g Room temperature unsalted butter

✤ Custard Cream

31g, 2 Egg yolk

200g Milk

20g (2Tbsp) Starch powder

20g (2Tbsp) Sugar

5g (0.5Tbsp) Vanilla oil

✤ Material to be applied

180g Castella

[ Recipe]

1. 80ml Warm milk, 4 g (1.5tsp) Instant dry yeast, 30g (3Tbsp) Sugar. Dissolve yeast and sugar, 54 g, 1 Room temperature egg, 200g Bread flour, 3g (1tsp) Salt. Salt to coat the flour. Mix all together.

2. If the dough is moist without raw flour, 30g Room temperature unsalted butter. Butter, which prevents fermentation, is added at the end. Tear up the dough, when thrown, the butter permeates well.. If the butter permeates well and becomes smooth. Ferment in a warm place to 2-3 times the size (36℃~37℃).

3. 1 hour later. After the gas is completely drained, divide into 4 equal parts. Then made into a ball, ferment at room temperature for 20-30 minutes. If it’s doubled, remove the gas. Make a ball again. Sprinkle with flour, flat and long push. Rolling it for a long time, pinch it so it doesn’t come loose. Both ends are sutured by pushing. After rolling to a constant thickness (length 20cm).

4. Put on the oven pan. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment to double the size (20-30 minutes at room temperature), if it’s doubled. After moving to an oven preheated to 150°C (302°F).

5. Bake at 150°C (302°F) for 15-18 minutes (may vary depending on oven specifications). Let the baked bread cool for a while. 180g, 2, castellas, cut the brown part and eat it. Leave only the bread in the middle and make a powder . Transfer the castella to a large bowl.

6. 30g Room temperature unsalted butter, 120g Custard Cream (recipe in the description). Soften butter and custard cream, 200g. Heavy cream, put ice water on it and whip the whipped cream, 15g (1.5Tbsp) Sugar. Add sugar and whip at high speed. Finish it tight. Now mix with the custard cream.

7. Slice the cooled bread in the middle. Fill the bread with cream. Spread the remaining cream on the top of the bread. Lastly, spread the castella powder evenly. Now cut it to the size you want and eat it. The first impression seems to be soft like a pillow, let’s use it as a mouth pillow.