Super Easy and Delicious Toast | Try it! Everyone will love it๐Ÿ˜Š


– 2 slices of bread

– Soboro Jam ( Butter 20g, Sugar 10g, Peanut Butter 7g (optional), Flour 20g)

whipping cream

– 200g whipped cream

– 20g sugar


1. 20 g butter at room temperature, 10 g sugar. If you add peanut butter (7g), it will taste like soboro (can be omitted). Whip, mix and dissolve the sugar.

2. 20 g flour, 2 slices of bread, sharp! like a veil! Ready to bake at F. 160 degrees 10 minutes! (Varies from machine to machine).

3. Spread it out, gently. Like a basketball ~ (No). Same 160 degrees 10 minutes! (Varies from machine to machine) While it cools, I will make the whipped cream.

4. 200g fresh cream, 20g sugar. Complete the loading of whipped cream. Secure space. There is more ice cream than I thought. The combination of soboro and whipped cream… Needless to say, it’s really delicious!!!! Similarly, add the whipped cream left and right.