Quick Breakfast Ready in 10 Minutes | Super Easy and Delicious!


1/2 tomato

1/2 onion


Spinach (toppings according to your preference)

4 pieces of bacon

1 egg



Sriracha Sauce

Salt pepper


1. 1/2 tomato, cut into piecs. 1/2 onion, cut. Corn appeared, split grain.

2. 2 egg , salt pepper. Mix well.

3. 4 pieces of bacon, strip on hot pan. When the meat is golden brown, pour the egg mixture over. Add toppings qickly , tomato, onion, corn , a litle salt and pepper, mozzarella cheese .

4. Cover whith tortillas before eggs are cookrs. Press the edges evenly . Turn it over, sprinkle some cheese , spinach (toppings according to your preference), But if you have cheddar cheese, no problem . Now let’s roll, just do it . Done, cut in half and enjoy.