Perfect Ramen Recipe | Spicy Chicken Ramen!! Delicious | Easy Poached Egg.

It is really delicious spicy garlic chicken ramen. Cook the chicken with garlic and butter first and the soup becomes amazingly delicious.


Ingredient :

Korean Instant Ramyun

Chicken thighs 150-200g

Green onion

30g of Garlic

10g Butter

1 Egg

1 TBSP of Korean Red pepper powder

Recipe :

1. Green Onion, cut it into small green onion, cut the white part vertically. A little bit of garlic, slice it. 150-200g Chicken thighs, make slits diagonally, a little Salt. 1/2 Bowl of hot water (That should be enough to cover egg). 1 TBSP of Vinegar. A pinch of salt.

2. One egg. Make holes in the yolk so it doesn’t explode in the microwave. Watch ‘Toast with poached egg’ for how to make it on the stove. 40sec in the microwave (Adjust the time if needed). It is the easy microwave poached egg. Take it out from water.

3. Medium heat., 10g of butter and 1 TBSP of cooking oil. Cook the chicken with butter flavor. Adjust the heat, coat them with the garlic flavor. Wow! It’s delicious just sprinkled with oregano/pepper. Green onion & 1TBSP of red pepper powder when chicken is done.

4. Change to low heat. Stir it until you see the red oil in the pan. 600ml of water (If you want more spicy soup, use 550ml). Korean Ramen. I don’t need vegetable flakes. Add seasoning powder before it boils. Put instant ramen noodle when it boils. Boil 4 minutes after you put the ramen noodles.

5. Cut the chicken thighs, green onion, poached egg. It is my favorite time!!. The rich taste of butter garlic chicken and fresh green onion!!. Nobody will believe it is made with the instant ramen. The soup is fantastic. I should eat this with the rice.