Perfect breakfast | Bacon Egg Rice Rolls | Egg Rolls!You’ll Be Amazed at How Delicious it is

It is a delicious bacon egg roll with cute shape of ham and cheese rice roll. You’ll be amazed at how delicious it is. Please try it.

Ingredient :



Steamed Rice

Sandwich Ham


Green onion

Salt, Sesame oil, Toasted sesame seeds

Recipe :

1. 4-5 egg , 2/3 tsp of Salt, green onion. Cut the green onion lengthwise first. It is easy way to cut small. 450g of Steamed rice, 1/2tsp of Salt, 2/3 TBSP of Sesame oil, 1/2 TBSP of Toasted sesame seeds (Optional), 3-4 TBSP Green onion. It adds the freshness to the egg rice roll.

2. Cooking wrap, a ball of Rice, 1-2 Sheets of sandwich ham. Put cheese and roll it with ham. Cover ham with rice and roll it with cooking wrap tightly. Push the rice inside and twist the sides like candy wrap. You can put the sausage or tuna-mayo instead of ham&cheese. Wrap helps to hold the shape. It is already delicious rice ball.

3. Low heat. Cooking oil, 2 pieces of bacon, egg mixture. Put the rice roll and roll the egg around the rice. Because I poured the egg at once, some egg flowed under bacon. Roll it to cook evenly and take it out.

4. Fill the empty space with a spoon first, and add the rest. Place the rice roll and bacon in a X-shape. Bacon sticks out of the egg. I wish the pan was a little bigger. The egg was not applied at the end of bacon. Bacon is attached well.

5. Let’s cut it in half. Ham and cheese in the center makes it delicious. I need some green. You can attach it with mayonnaise. You can cut it like a gimbap, the rolling shape in the middle is so cute. The rice roll cut in gimbap shape is cute and easy to eat. You will like it more due to tasty ham and cheese hidden inside. You can cut it in half and enjoy it as big rice ball.