[No-Oven] Very Easy Roll Cake Recipe | Banana Chocolate Cake | Dessert Recipe

I made a roll cake easily without an oven. I made it with whipped cream and a banana in the middle. It’s okay to just eat it with bread.

📢 Ingredients

[2~3 servings]

✤ Whipped Cream Cake

1 Egg

10g (1Tbsp) Sugar

100g Milk

100g Pancake powder

20g (2.5Tbsp) Melted unsalted butter

Whipped cream

✤ Chocolate Cake

1 Egg

10g (1Tbsp) Sugar

120g Milk

80g Pancake powder

20g Cocoa powder

30g (3.5Tbsp) Melted unsalted butter

1 Banana

✤ Toppings

Sugar Powder

📢 Recipe

1. 1 Egg, 1g (1Tbsp) Sugar, 20g (2.5Tbsp) Melted unsalted butter. Then mix well, 100g Hotcake powderm, 100g Milk. Mix well to make dough 1.

2. 1 Egg, 10g (1Tbsp) Sugar, 30g (3.5Tbsp) Melted unsalted butter. Then mix well, 80g Hotcake powder, 20g Cocoa powder, 120g Milk.

3. Mix well to make dough 2, roll up a piece of paper the size of a frying pan, fasten with a stapler, cover with cooking foil. Push both ends inward, become a cake wick.

4. 1 Banana peeled, cooking oil. After pouring the dough 1, add foil wick and roll up. Pour the batter again and repeat. It cooks evenly to the inside and holds its shape. Let cool for a while , pour Dough 2. Place the banana and roll it up, pour the dough again and repeat. Chocolate Roll Cake with Bananas.

5. When the bread cools, remove the wick. Whipped cream, stuffing with whipped cream, sugar powder, maple syrup (optional). Let’s enjoy the roll cake of sacrifice made by rolling your own body.