Crispy Cheddar Cheese Toast | EASY Breakfast | You Ưill Be Addicted And Can’t Stop Eating!

I made crispy cheddar cheese toast like a cookie. I cut cheddar cheese and bake it in a microwave or oven to make it like chips, but I thought it would be delicious to eat on top of bread, so I made this. It’s much more delicious than just grilling cheddar cheese when you put cheese on top of butter and sugar and bake it together! I think the point is to spread butter + sugar on the bread and bake it. It has a very crunchy texture, so it is good to eat as a snack. I cut them into triangles and baked them, but I think you can bake them without cutting them, or cut them into squares and make them into bite-sized pieces.

[ Ingredients]

20g Unsalted butter

15g Sugar

2 slices of Bread

2 Sliced Cheddar cheese


[ Recipe]

1. Add sugar to room temperature butter, mix, and spread on bread.

2. Put cheddar cheese on top and cut it.

3. Bake in an oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.