It Was Delicious | A Must-Make Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake

Looking at the photo I posted in advance last time, I guessed it was opera cake or tiramisu. Unfortunately not both cakes. This time, it is a chocolate whipped cream cake with all three chocolates used. I tried to make a pleasant taste by adding different ingredients here. Carelessly cut a square cake and cut it into two Unlike normal whipped cream cake, only chocolate glaze without icing. I simply finished it. However, the one-sided visual fascinates the viewer. The taste is not simple whipped cream cake. All three chocolates are used to give you a sweet taste. I highly recommend it. You must try making it.

[ Ingredients]

♥︎Milk Chocolate Nutella Peanut Butter Cream

50g milk chocolate

23g Nutella Jam

23g peanut butter

320g cold whipped cream

2g vanilla bean paste

♥︎White chocolate whipped cream

100 g white chocolate

56g hot whipped cream

2g vanilla bean paste

270g cold whipped cream

♥︎ Chocolate Almond Sponge

46g yolk + 20g sugar

2g vanilla bean paste

92g egg white + 45g sugar

25g soft flour

25g almond powder

15g cocoa powder

28g vegetable oil

17g milk

♥︎Almond Sponge

46g yolk + 20g sugar

2g vanilla bean paste

92g egg white + 45g sugar

33g soft flour

33g almond powder

28g vegetable oil

10 g milk


70 g of water

30 g sugar

Kirche (cherry liqueur) 6g


1. Make a Chocolate Almond Sponge. Moist and soft cake with almond powder. Whip the egg yolks until pale yellow. Make a meringue by adding sugar gradually to the egg whites. Use vegetable oil and milk together after heating to 50 degrees.

2. Take some of the batter and mix, Pour back into the batter and mix until homogenous, finish by mixing the rest of the meringue.

3. Cool completely. Prepare two pieces of chocolate almond sponge by slicing it 1.5cm thick. And I baked another almond sponge. The making process is the same as the chocolate almond sponge I made earlier.

4. Whip the cold white chocolate whipped cream rested in the refrigerator, whip the cream on the ice ball. Whip the milk chocolate cream in the same way. Apply sugar syrup on the chocolate almond sponge sheet.

5. Put white chocolate whipped cream, put milk chocolate whipped cream. Set in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Set in the freezer for 20 minutes. yes freezer.