Fluffy Chocolate Donut Recipe | Melts In Your Mouth When Eaten Warm | Nutella Donuts With No-Oven

This Nutella filled donut recipe will seriously blow your mind. Imagine the softest, puffiest yeast donut of your life, then roll it in a ton of sugar. THEN poke a hole in the side and fill it with warm gooey Nutella!! These are insane you guys!! And not as hard as you think.Try our freshly fried warm donuts. It melts in your mouth. It’s a taste you won’t find even in a donut shop. It seems to be a completely different world of bread than baked in the oven.


✤ Dough

– 300g Bread flour

– 140ml Warm milk

– 5g (0.8Tbsp) Instant dry yeast

– 45g (4.5Tbsp) Sugar

– 52g, 1 Room temperature egg

– 5g (1.5tsp) Salt

– 40g Room temperature unsalted butter

✤ Filling

Chocolate Jam or Nutella

✤ Coating



1. 140ml Warm milk, 5g (0.8Tbsp) Instant dry yeast, 45g (4.5Tbsp) sugar. Dissolve yeast and sugar. 52 g, 1 Egg, 300g Brad flour, 5g (1.5tsp) Salt. Salt to coat the flour. Mix all together.

2. 40g room temperature unsalted butter. Butter, which prevents fermentation, is added at the end.Tear up the dough. When thrown, the butter permeates well. If the butter permeates well and becomes smooth. Ferment in a warm place to 2-3 times the size (36℃~37℃).

3. After 1 hour, the gas is completely removed. Divide the dough into 10 equal parts. Then round them one by one. Let it ferment again to double the size (20-30 minutes).

4. Take the gas out. Extend it to a length of about 10 cm. Smooth it out with a roller. Make the edges thinner. Put chocolate Jam or Nutella. Then fold the sides. Press to let the air out. Gather it in the middle and pinch it. Pinch carefully so that it does not come loose. Then stretch it to the same thickness. Flatten one end. Wrap the other end and attach it. Pinch and stick well. Lay the paper foil on top. Spread it out to a certain thickness. Pinch it.

5. Let it ferment to double the size (20-30 minutes). Fry in oil preheated to low temperature (about 170℃). Flip it over when the back side turns yellow. Take it out if it’s browned back and forth.

6. After cooling for a while. Sprinkle the sugar evenly. And you have a perfect cake easily.