Chocolate Fudge | Easy Recipe | Only Chocolate & Condensed Milk

I made a super simple chocolate fudge that can be made with just chocolate and condensed milk. It is chewy and chewy, and the taste is sweet condensed milk chocolate. It is made with chocolate instead of cocoa powder, so it has a richer flavor and full of chocolate flavor. The concentration varies depending on the ratio of chocolate and condensed milk, so you have to match the ratio to get a good fudge-like texture.

[ Ingredients]

– Mold size : 12cm

150g Dark couverture chocolate

150g Milk couverture chocolate

330g Condensed milk

[ Recipe]

1. Put dark chocolate, milk chocolate and condensed milk in a pot and heat it over low heat.

2. Heat until completely melted and mixed and pour into molds.

3. Harden in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

(chocolate and cocoa powder are optional)